GelSmart® Launches New SmartGel™ Technology Products with its ‘Feel Free’ Sampling Program to Podiatrists

Whippany, NJ - GelSmart® announced today the introduction of its new line of medical and skincare products utilizing advanced, condition specific SmartGel™ Technology. To bring this new technology to the attention of the Podiatric community, GelSmart® will be implementing a wide-reaching SmartGel™ 'Feel Free' Sampling Program, with initial product samples being hand delivered to the top Podiatrists nationwide.

smartgel samplesThe proprietary sample kit will include detailed information on the four patented SmartGel™ formulas, Diabetic Friendly, Hydration Therapy, Scar Therapy and Comfort Cushion. And, in a custom designed, icon coded tray, there will be a corresponding sample product application for each formula. Recipients will be able to feel, first hand, the unique qualities of this new generation of gel-based orthopedic and skincare products based in superior gel materials infused with natural botanicals, essential oils and vitamins. Further, by contacting GelSmart®, the doctor can then receive a complimentary completion set of samples for clinical application with his patients.

The SmartGel™ revolution is a natural progression for GelSmart®, combining its history of cutting edge gel technology with the latest advances in natural healing to produce quality tools for the healthcare professional to improve well-being. The infusion of natural ingredients enhances the healing properties of each of the SmartGel™ formulations and brings an added advantage for the patient, providing greater comfort, compliance and improved overall treatment outcome.

Executive Vice President, Peter Bickel stated, "SmartGel™ Technology is the smart direction for the future of GelSmart® and the future of our valued customers. We are excited to bring the next big thing to the forefront, and will continue to focus our research and development efforts on advancing patient care and comfort."

Mr. Bickel indicated that initial response to the SmartGel™ revolution has been overwhelmingly positive with preliminary market launches complete in Europe and Canada. The company anticipates the US rollout will be equally well received.

More about GelSmart
GelSmart® has been a driving force in the global medical and skincare market for over 20 years, bringing quality gel-based products to the healthcare professional and patients worldwide. GelSmart® was recently awarded the Seal of Acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) and takes pride in this recognition as an industry leader. GelSmart®, a division of PolyGel, LLC, is a privately held company based in Whippany, NJ. For more information, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.