Polygel®/GelSmart™ Introduces the new M-2 All Gel Toe Spreader with Toe Loop

PolyGel®, the manufacturers of GelSmart™  Orthopedic and Skin Care Products, introduces the new M-2 All Gel Toe Spreader with Toe Loop.

PolyGel® has vastly improved the traditional design of all gel toe spreaders by adding an all-gel toe loop that keeps the spreader in its proper position. The patient or user no longer has to worry about the spreader slipping or moving out of place. The toe spreader reduces friction and irritation and provides relief on the bunion joint. Our spreader is designed in 2 sizes and will fit into most shoes.

Made with our proprietary M-2 Gel, this next generation medical grade mineral oil thermoplastic elastomer is highly elastic and conforming. It is dermatologist tested and has the added benefits of being hypoallergenic, odorless, washable, and reusable.  M-2 Gel is an excellent material for protecting, cushioning, and reducing shear and abrasion forces.