Introducing P-Gel Self-Adhesive Bunion Button with Cover

PolyGel®, the manufacturers of GelSmart™  Orthopedic and Skin Care Products, introduces the new P-Gel Self-Adhesive Bunion Button with Cover.

Our patented three dimensional super soft gel guard provides immediate cushion and comfort relief.  The “button” sticks to the body with a mild adhesive that will not irritate the skin.  The item can be re-used as the gel tack will come back after each application.  The button is covered with a 4-way stretch fabric that is anti-microbial, reduces friction, and reduces abrasions between the skin and the shoe. The thin design of this product allows it to be worn with most types of shoes.

Our Self-Adhesive Bunion Button with Cover combines our proprietary P-Gel with our new Never Slip™ technology. Our P-Gel is a medical grade, transparent, polyurethane gel that absorbs shock, shear and friction forces along the bottom of the foot.  Our P-Gel will not bottom out, is ideal for off-loading pressure over a bony prominence, and has been dermatologist tested – so it can be applied against the skin or any other surface. Our P-Gel has the added benefits of being hypoallergenic, odorless, washable, and reusable.  Our new Never Slip™ technology provides the additional advantage of being self-adhesive.

Our Self-Adhesive Bunion Button with Cover is a “Diabetic Friendly” product since it provides cushioning without causing any irritations or abrasions to the skin.