PediFix Introduces New Packaging for Top Podiatric Treatment Products


Brewster, NY, January 10, 2010 -- Dennis Case, CEO of PediFix announced today that the company has introduced new packaging for its top podiatric treatment products.

“Our new, more professional packaging helps podiatrist make a good impression on patients while making it easier to charge these treatment products, instead of giving them away for free” said Case.  “Also, every package features directions for use and care, along with warnings when needed, so patients don’t have to remember every word of instruction they are told during their visit.”

At the request of podiatrists, PediFix packaged some of its treatment products for OTC sale in recent years, simultaneously initiating the in-office dispensing trend that has grown to include thousands of practices.

“Whether practitioners dispense just one, or hundreds of treatment products, they are essentially in the in-office dispensing business” adds Jon Case, vice president at PediFix.  “They shouldn’t have to absorb the cost of these items, sacrificing their profit margins in tough times like these. Instead of giving away Felt Corn, Callus and Bunion Protectors, Toe Separators, Toe Crests, Toe Caps and others, they can recoup their costs by charging patients appropriately. We suggest specialists charge at least as much as these items cost, and up to double the cost to enjoy a fair profit margin they deserve for providing this patient convenience.” 

“We’re always working hard to find new ways to assist our customers” adds Case. “We’re pleased to help podiatrists trim their expenses and boost their incomes, and our new packaging does both.”

Foot Specialists who wish to order the newly packaged items or receive samples should contact PediFix by e-mailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or calling toll-free 800-424-5561 from 9AM to 5PM, Monday – Friday, Eastern Time.  For descriptions of products available in new packaging, or additional information, go to
PediFix is the only 4th generation, family-owned company in the footcare industry. To contact them, call 800-424-5561 during business hours, Mon-Fri. Eastern Time. ###