Silicone Sheets Deemed Helpful for Scar Treatment


(Brewster, NY) January 6, 2010 – Dennis Case, CEO of the PediFix Footcare Company ( announced today that its Visco-Gel® Silicone Padding – developed with the material experts at GelSmart™ – has proven effective for the treatment of hypertrophic scars.

“Silicone sheeting has been known for its ability to soothe scars” said Case. “After several years of patient trials we can now confidently recommend this specialized padding to help diminish both the appearance and rough feel of surgical scars”.

“For podiatric surgeons, this provides a new way to improve post-op results” added Jon Case, vice president of PediFix.  “Following toe, foot or ankle surgery, our silicone sheets provide comforting, soothing healing assistance and can help reduce the visibility of scars”.

A fourth-generation, family-owned firm that dates back to 1885, the PediFix Footcare Company offers a range of more than 200 unique foot care, comfort and health products.  GelSmart® was founded by the original developers of podiatric gel materials. “The specialized medical gel formulations our company has been compounding for more than a decade have never been equaled or replicated by others” said Peter Bickell, vice president.

To order, get a color catalog or free samples of the Visco-Gel® silicone sheeting products, call 1-800-424-5561, FAX 845-277-2851 or visit the company’s website at

PediFix is the only 4th generation, family-owned company in the footcare industry. To contact them call 800-424-5561 during business hours, Mon-Fri. Eastern Time.