Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

  • What is SmartGel™ Technology?
  • What makes SmartGel Technology better than other gel brands?
  • Why does GelSmart manufacture several different gel materials?
  • Are GelSmart gels Dermatologist tested?
  • Are your products Hypoallergenic?
  • Are your products Latex Free?
  • How do I purchase GelSmart products?
  • Can I Get a Complimentary Sample of a GelSmart Product?
  • Many of my patients are Diabetic. How do I know which GelSmart products can be safely used on them?
  • What does it mean when you say your product is “Skin Like”?
  • Are your products Anti-Bacterial?
  • Some of your products have mesh and some do not. What are the differences?
  • Are GelSmart products CE approved?
  • Do you have medical studies to support specific product claims?


  • Are GelSmart products packaged sterile?
  • Are GelSmart products available in Bulk?

Product Usage

  • Can GelSmart products be washed and reused?
  • Can I apply GelSmart products directly to broken skin, such as an open blister?
  • Is it OK to transfer a product from one patient to another?
  • Some of your products are self-adhesive. Can they be applied directly to the skin?
  • Can GelSmart products be worn 24 hours a day?