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Diabetic Friendly

sg formulation-diabeticWith SmartGel Diabetic Friendly, GelSmart has created the safest, non-restrictive formulation to protect your diabetic patient; while offering superior comfort and cushioning. Infused with the natural healing properties of Vitamin E and Aloe Vera, our Diabetic Friendly gel encourages a healing environment during treatment. Plus, SmartGel Diabetic Friendly products are designed and manufactured to specifications that most closely resemble the density and consistency of human skin. These attributes provide your diabetic patients with non-compressive, naturally healing cushioning products, giving them every advantage to achieve comfort without risk.

  • Non-restrictive cushioning
  • Naturally healing formula
  • Closest to natural skin
  • Vitamin enriched

pics diabeticThese pictures show how our Diabetic Friendly All Gel Caps are non-restrictive while conforming to the shape of the body where they are applied. Our gels are highly stretchable, making them a perfect match for diabetics. Look at how easily our gels bend and conform, which makes them not only easy to use, but comfortable as well.